A little bit about me

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Favorite Word: Dégueulasse (such a beautiful way to say "disgusting")

First Acting Role: Off-Pitch Snow White on Barnes Street (followed by Stephanie in a 2 man version of "Grease 2" in the 35th Street family room)

Least Favorite Word: Satchel

What Turns Me On Creatively, Spiritually, Emotionally: Laughter, in depth faux-serious discussions, collaboration, travel, trust, ice skating not in a circle

Major: International Politics with a concentration on Law, Relations and Organization, Georgetown University

Favorite Curse Word: F@#*ity F@#*! (Does that count as 2?)

If I Had to Commit to One Menu Forever: Something Latin American  (Or NYC diner...because choices)

Sound I Love: Crunching snow (Braying mini donkey a close second)

Best Thing I've Ever Won: Large inflatable pumpkin tub

Noise I Hate: Cat summoning a hair ball

Things Everyone Else Can Do That I Can't: Roll my tongue, unassisted Vulcan greeting, ride a bike (ok, I can, but I don't like it)

Profession Other Than My Own I'd Like to Attempt: Travel writer, animal rescuer, nail polish namer

Favorite Place in NYC: Hudson River Path

Profession I'd Rather Not: Anything on a reality show, butter churner (I hate butter...I know, but it's for real)

If Heaven Exists, I'd Like to Hear This Once Through the Pearly Revolving Door: "Bienvenue. Wine or Champagne? Beach to the right, mountains to the left, doughnuts and tacos straight ahead in the pearly green room, where you may mingle with every being you have ever loved."