About Me

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Favorite Word: Dégueulasse (such a beautiful way to say "disgusting")

First Acting Role: Off-Pitch Snow White on Barnes Street

Least Favorite Word: Satchel

Second Acting Role: Rollerskating Martian on 35th

What Turns Me On Creatively, Spiritually, Emotionally: Laughter, in depth faux-serious discussions, collaboration, travel, trust, ice skating not in a circle

Major: International Politics with a concentration on Law, Relations and Organization, Georgetown University

Favorite Curse Word: F@#*ity F@#*! (Does that count as 2?)

If I Had to Commit to One Menu Forever: Something Mexican.  Or NYC diner. Because choices.

Sound I Love: Crunching snow. (Braying mini donkey a close second.)

Best Thing I've Ever Won: Large inflatable pumpkin tub

Noise I Hate: Jackhammer at 7am or drunk, aggressive people fighting in the street.

Things Everyone Else Can Do That I Can't: Roll my tongue, unassisted Vulcan greeting

Profession Other Than My Own I'd Like to Attempt: Travel Writer.  Or Animal Rescuer.

Favorite Place in NYC: Hudson River Path

Profession I'd Rather Not: Anything on a reality show

Unrealistic Pet I Want Right Now: Mini Donkey

If Heaven Exists, I'd Like to Hear This Once Through the Pearly Revolving Door: Bienvenue. Wine or Champagne? Beach to the right, mountains to the left, donuts straight ahead in the pearly green room, where you may mingle with every being you have ever loved.